Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cabo de los Huertas Landscape

24cm x 30cm

I suppose this is about the nearest I get to doing landscapes. Cabo de los Huertas is about 6km from where I live and is a very rugged part of the coast. I usually go there about one day a week when it is sunny as I find it is a place where I can completely forget about the madness of the world in which we live and simply contemplate life, the universe and everything. I have spent most of my life living near the sea and I can't imagine not being able to to do so.


A few months ago I joined the social network group Facebook. There are some really good art groups and I have seen some really excellent work as well as having posted pictures of my own work - mainly photographs.

I was keen to see what the fuss about social networking is and was intrigued when several people sent me a message asking if I would like to be their 'friend'. It is impossible to see the person's profile before accepting but I thought there is little to be lost by doing so.

One of the artists that invited me to be a 'friend' , I discovered, had more than 2,500 'friends' already and I quickly realised I was just an addition to the number. Needless to say I have never heard from her again and she has shown no interest in my posts. Fortunately I have had some more productive experiences with a few other people.

So what have I learned? Well, my definition of what is a 'friend' seems to be rather old fashioned and out of date for some people but I think I will stick with it anyway.


Chris said...

Beautiful piece. I can actually feel the waves hitting the rocks.

As for the Facebook network ... I know what you mean. I recently joined it myself a little while ago and have come across good and indifferent experiences.

The good experiences I've come across are the constructive feedback I've received on my work from others who share similar artistic interests. This is further enhanced by the inspiration and creative spark that I get from exploring the work of those who have provided me with feedback.

I'm also old fashioned in how I use the term friend. Maybe it's a generational thing. It seems to me as though the use of the word friend is a misnomer on Facebook. A more apt word would have been acquaintance.

Philip said...


Thanks. Do you have a blog by the way?

I agree with what you say about Facebook - I think you should be able to choose to invite a friend, acquaintance or, for those, who want it - another number! There is some great work on show though and that is what I enjoy.

Chris said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a blog. I haven't really given it much thought. Maybe I should get one started. Any suggestions?

Philip said...


Your work on Facebook would make an ideal blog!

Angela Wales Rockett said...

Beautiful painting, Philip! I am also happiest when living near the water. Here in Seattle I'm absolutely surrounded by it!

Philip said...



A rambling rose said...

Oh how much I agree with what you've said about Facebook Phillip!!! I both Blog and Facebook and find the experiences so different - I put most of my energy into my blog these days as I really love the blogging community! Saw your comment on Mystory and agree with you which took me here!! Great painterly response to your surroundings