Friday, 21 August 2009

People Watching Video

I have finally finished 2 video shorts on the subject of 'People Watching'. One is about 10 minutes long and the other a little over 20. I hadn't realised that this is such a popular passtime but there are even blogs dedicated to this subject. I have always been an avid people watcher and this is a favoutite activity when sitting at a cafe. I could spend ages just watching people walk by and often do!

This is very short example of a clip I didn't use. It felt contrived to film in locations I don't normally use so in the end the final versions where just compilations of places I normally frequent.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Swamped with ideas ...

Well I have overwhelmed myself with work at the moment. I am drowning! What shall I do with all this stuff?

Monday, 3 August 2009

Older Work - Evidence Of Change

Mixed Media
60cm x 60cm
2006 and 2007

I am showing these older works as I have been reviewing my work of the last year and I think I have achieved my two obejctives of:

- using a broader range of colours
- developing my style

I still like this kind of work but I don't see myself repeating it. I am so enjoying making my current 'People Watching' video short - I now have almost 40 shoots to edit comprising over one hour of footage - that I think I might dwell some more on video. I am getting well into this!

I received an invitation today to exhibit 3 works at a Gallery in Barcelona. However, they wanted a fee of €350 (publicity, etc) and there is a requirement to pick up the work afterwards if it isn't sold. If nothing sold the cost to me would be about €1000. It just doesn't make it financially worthwhile so I have declined. Pity really.