Monday, 3 August 2009

Older Work - Evidence Of Change

Mixed Media
60cm x 60cm
2006 and 2007

I am showing these older works as I have been reviewing my work of the last year and I think I have achieved my two obejctives of:

- using a broader range of colours
- developing my style

I still like this kind of work but I don't see myself repeating it. I am so enjoying making my current 'People Watching' video short - I now have almost 40 shoots to edit comprising over one hour of footage - that I think I might dwell some more on video. I am getting well into this!

I received an invitation today to exhibit 3 works at a Gallery in Barcelona. However, they wanted a fee of €350 (publicity, etc) and there is a requirement to pick up the work afterwards if it isn't sold. If nothing sold the cost to me would be about €1000. It just doesn't make it financially worthwhile so I have declined. Pity really.


self taught artist said...

wow, you HAVE changed over time. I can appreciate this work but I have to say I like more what I've seen since I've been coming to your blog.

love hearing you are doing more with video shorts and getting so much out of it!

dont blame you for nixing the show...

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Nice to take a look back...I like the texture on these but I fully understand new work holds your interest.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

There is something intriguing about the "new", and videos have that additional component of movement. Seems much of the world is going entrepreneurial - the art world too. It is a pity not to show in Barcelona, but seems a wise decision.

JafaBrit's Art said...

eek, that is a bit steep, sounds like a vanity gallery operation. Pay for the privilege of showing except they disguise it as advertising costs.
I had a similar offer and the assistant at the gallery was so aggressive on the phone, I felt like was talking to Tony the Tongue and if I didn't show in their gallery I was NEVER going to make it as an artist.

I see your vision expanding/growing and it reflects in your work and choices. I like the video short.

Todd Camplin said...

Have you seen the artist Bernado Cantu's work, he also uses found material and the language of painting to make work.