Tuesday, 16 December 2008


After saying that 'S0' (below) was a one-off - I have done another!

I am dedicating this to all those people who talk incessantly about themselves and yet glaze over within seconds when you say something. I seem to meet too many of these people these days - me, me, me and more me. What they are really saying is that their lives, problems, ideas, etc. are more important than those of anyone else.

People who talk but can't listen lose out big time in my opinion and these days I feel inclined to give them a wide berth. I don't expect every conversation to be 50/50 but when it comes to 99/1 - I ask you!

20cm x 50cm

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ice Man

I am experimenting again! This time it's a digital image I created that has been frozen in water. It has given me lots of ideas on how to develop the idea further and I may do a whole series of things in ice.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Hard Times

In this period of economic difficulty I have decided to try and let my studio and gallery to other artists for a couple of days a week. I have been discussing this with local art groups and hope this will begin in January.

If all goes to plan one of them will be the local artist from whom I bought this work about 6 years ago:

Another group will be making ceramic sculptures. This is an example of the work:

I also have interest from a group that make musical instruments from found objects. I am told that a dustbin lid can be made to sound like a violin!

Although this will obviously restrict the amount of time that I can use the studio, it will be interesting to have a variety of artists working here for part of the week. They will all be teaching small groups. Part of the agreement is that I can watch what goes on and take photographs. So, I am hoping that this all comes off and is very much a success. It could be a new source of inspiration for me and I might just learn something.