Saturday, 17 January 2009

Blast From The Past

I took this photo of myself in 1986 at a time when I was living in the small historic town of Needham Market in Suffolk. It was a time when I knew I needed to move on in life and do something different - hence the gazing out of the window. I was working as a Tax Inspector at the time (makes me cringe just to think of it now!) and had been given a gentle warning by a senior manager who told me that 'this organisation does not need people who think'. I guess he was right!

Strangely enough it was not long after this that I was promoted and moved to live and work in Central London and the next 3 years were amongst the most hectic, stressful and rewarding periods of my life. My new job - working on departmental management policy - allowed for a certain amount of creativity and was very stretching for me. After a spell working at Tower Hill the office moved to the South Bank where I was able to take full advantage of the South Bank Centre and in particular the Hayward Gallery, The National Film Theatre and The Royal Festival Hall. I often spent my lunch break visiting exhibitions and wandering around the area.

I guess this is another 'alternative self-portrait'.


JafaBrit's Art said...

that must have really been something being able to spend lunch hours in South Bank area visiting galleries etc.

Philip said...


Well, living in London for 13 years enabled me to go to any international exhibition I wanted to. It was a real privilege.

Ed Maskevich said...

Talk about a change in direction, whoa!No bureacracy(spelling ???) likes people that think or creative types. I must've been difficult. Like the ice paintings. I only did it once and quite by accident. At the time I was using acrylics and the temp in my studio dropped below freezing (no heater in the space) and the paint froze. It thawed out a day later. My grandson has been playing with food coloring in the snowbanks outside.

Philip said...


More than difficult! I think I would have gone completely crazy if I hadn't given it all up a few years later.