Friday, 9 January 2009


I spent a totally disproportionate amount of time on this very small painting and it underwent numerous changes (even for me) over a period of 8 months. I don't know why it frustrated me so much but it was after this that I decided I needed a long break from painting.

25cm x 25cm
Pigment and Acrylic


JafaBrit's Art said...

I think it must have been the right thing to take a break. I am seeing you bringing together your prior experience and a new vitality. Your landscape painting is wonderful.

I am like you, or perhaps it is a British thing, but friends are those who develop over time like a fine wine. I think the term friend is the wrong term for social networks. Some people collect them like fleas lol! sometimes though it is a way of bookmarking, and I have quite a few friends on blogcatlog and flickr. It is a convenient way of keeping track of bloggers' whose blog I enjoyed visiting and want to check out now and again.

Philip said...


Thanks. You are right I am feeling a new sense of vitality. I think the reason is partly the break but also because I am no longer bogged down by the need to plan and theme for an exhibition. I am just seeing what happens without any constraints and I am enjoying it.

Ed Maskevich said...

I like that this painting has the same textural elements and the "rock" photo on your photos blog.

Chris said...

This a very interesting piece, Philip. I don't know if this is what you were trying to convey but, the sense I get from this painting is of how language not only encircles too protect the individual from the multi-varied and textured world, it also in the end devours the individual.

Angela Wales Rockett said...

Sometimes it's the smaller pieces that take the most effort and time. A lot of pressure to express in a small space.

And sometimes a break is just what's needed. Seems to be the case for you.

Philip said...


Yes, it was meant to be the inside of a cave.

This is what was in my mind: I am kind of fascinated by early cave men drawings of animals. I like the idea that then people didn't see themselves as artists but just went ahead and did what came natural. I think the modern day caveman is more urban and would draw graffiti rather than animals. It's a strange idea I suppose bit that is what I was thinking about when I did this.

Well I have had my break now and I am back with a new sense of freedom to pursue whatever I feel like without thinking about exhibitions.