Saturday, 16 May 2009

60cm a 60cm
Mixed Media

My paper works finally led to a work on canvas which took me almost 4 weeks to complete. It was subject to many changes but looking at it now I can't understand why I spent so long on it. It is a combination of high art and low art and colours I feel that represent Alicante in the summer fiesta season. To me this is 'Alicante'.

A small collection of my recent paper works. I am more excited about doing this kind of thing than I have been for a long time. It's a new voice for me!


San said...

A lyrical tribute to Alicante. Great color and an exciting combination of elements. High art meets low art in a grand celebration.

Viva la fiesta!

Philip said...


Many thanks. I hope that it conveys very well what the city I live in is like at times.

Casey Klahn said...

Bravo! Shades of Matisse, the master paper cutter! (Although, yours is collage and his was assemblage, I can still feel a link).

The collection looks well, together, too.

Philip said...

Thanks Casey. Shades of Matisee!

San said...

Just popping in to see if you'd put up another painting. It was great to look at "Alicante" again.

Chris Sotiriadis said...

What a wonderful vibrantly coloured series of work ... both paper works and canvas.


Hello Philip,

Saw you on the Who Hub thing, decided to visit. Wondering if you and your many friends would be interested in participating in an exhibition in NYC, set to open September 10.


Please take a look at the web site for details.


Matthew Rose

JafaBrit's Art said...

they look fabulous on the wall, and I am glad to see you being excited about new work and directions. :)

It is neat to see how this all evolved too.