Friday, 24 July 2009

Google drives me crazy....

Well, Google has finally driven me crazy. For some unknown reason my password for this site stopped working and I have had to jump through what seems like 100 hoops to gain access again. At this time of year with temperatures at a record 100f I have been feeling rather frazzled with all of this. However, I am finally up and running again (I think!).

Well, in spite of the heatwave - at a time when it is normally too hot - I have been very busy creatively. I am working on a new style of photo that is intended to capture movement as well as the passage of time. The above is an early example. I have also been recording video shorts for what I hope to turn into a 'People Watching' film that will last about 20 minutes.

In addition, I am hoping to form an art association in Alicante that will allow me to use the studio for private functions - this means we can have a bar, music and art events such as exhibitions and workshops. My studio was formerly a bar so it feels right to do this. All depends on permission of the local council and I hope to have this by October. It will give me a great deal of work to do if it comes off. By October it should be significantly cooler again and I will be able to get good night's sleep again. Global warming? It's here NOW in Spain!


Don Madden said...

We've had over 100 degrees for 29 out of the last 35 days. It seems like forever. Google drives Susan crazy too. hang in there.

Independentista said...

Don - I love the summer buit this year it is very difficult to cope with.