Friday, 6 March 2009

The Wall

60cm x 60cm

I can't believe a month has passed since I last posted anything here. I guess I have been sidetracked with sorting out my music collection which has now been transferred to a Media Player (brilliant invention - no more CDs!!) and catching up on D.I.Y jobs around the house which I have been putting off for far too long - mainly because I hate doing it and regard myself as fairly useless!

Anyway during this time I finished my 'Wall' painting shown above which is the first time ever I have painted from a photograph. I have also been working on a large scale painting (unfinished) which is to the right in the picture below. In between I have been working on two small works on paper (0ne is one the easel but which I intend to show here separately in due course).

I'll hope to catch up on the blogs I normally visit shortly.

Studio Photo 2009.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

These are intriguing! I like the colors and shapes in the finished wall painting. And I really love the primitive feel of the large painting in process. I guess the colors remind me of rocks, and cave walls, hence my thought of “primitive.” What size is the large painting? Your studio is so neat…

Ed Maskevich said...

If the unfinished painting were part of a Rorshach Test I would see a dinosaur walking along the bottom. How appropriate for a wall painting to have a feel of a "cave wall."

Philip said...


I am so pleased that you have got the cave idea. I remain fascinated with cave paintings as I am not sure that they have ever really been surpassed. And cavemen didn't even think of themselves as artists with all the hot air that goes with the term these days. The painting dimensions are 130cm x 190cm (4'x 6') which is as large as I go. I took this photo after tidying by the way - normally its a mess.


Likewise, I am delighted you have got the cave idea. Yes, its a dinosaur and I am contemplating putting in a couple of hand prints like early cave artists.

Chris Sotiriadis said...

I really like your use of colour in both The Wall and your large scale unfinished piece. The Wall makes me think of a crevice and the unfinished piece makes me think of cave paintings.

A rambling rose said...

I agree with Leslie - they have the quality of cave paintings - I like the way you talk about your work!

self taught artist said...

i like the new work,the top painting has a geology feel for sure, the bottom one has great colors and a western feel that i find enjoyable. congrats on new works AND getting stuff done that you hate.

self taught artist said...'ve been pretty quiet over here, just checking in and sending hellos.