Friday, 14 November 2008

Graffiti Experiment

I decided today to try my hand at graffiti and the result is show in the slide show below.I am not attempting to become a graffiti artist or a vandal - this was done purely to try my hand at this and to enjoy the experience of using spray paints. The work was done on brown paper stuck to a wall with masking tape in the patio just off my art studio.

I was thinking of doing this onto a ready painted canvas but it is not as easy as it seems especially as the paint comes out quite 'wide' and I would have to use a very large canvas to use this method. Of course, I would have only one chance to get it right and might easily ruin the work that had already been done. Well, I will just have to give this more thought. Good fun though!

A couple of hours later I decided to add some brush strokes of acrylic paint.

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Edgar said...

Philip - Bravo for the experimenting with the spray paint. In my neighborhood, the graffitti painters use special nozzles (which they buy with the paint) that changes the shape of the spray plume: thin and tall, or high volume, or circular. That might permit more variety and control. Of course, holding the can too close and getting a run can be quite beautiful.